Alcântara’s Docks

LEAP Docas has more than 2800sqm of workspace, divided into 4 floors.

Located in “Doca do Espanhol”, close to the Orient Museum, provides several office solutions such as cowork spaces or private offices.

With excellent accessibilities, by the city center, LEAP Docas is located in a trendy area where the offices’ search has been growing, not only in the creative industry, but also in other sectors.

In the last couple of years, Alcântara has burst into life right when this former industrial area was transformed into a compound where a set of shops, coffee houses, restaurants and offices are concentrated.

Former warehouses, under Ponte 25 de abril, in Lisbon, seemed like a lost cause in the city until they were renovated, in the nineties. After this renovation took place, the spot has gained notoriety among Lisbon residents themselves and became a desired destination for international tourists. The magnificent view over the bridge, the marina and the majestic Tagus river is combined with the tasty cuisine in the area. Nowadays, this popular location is known as “Docas“.

Gonçalves Zarco building, where LEAP Docas is located, integrated in Lisbon Port is one of the buildings inspired by the river and by all its beauty, which attract people and new dynamics, with wonderful accessibility, total convenience, easy parking, integrated in an excellent Lisbon area.

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  • Zona de conversação
  • Área de descanso
  • Shared area
  • Dining area
  • Flexibility (Cowork or private offices)
  • Up to 18 offices
  • Up to 6 people (per office)