LEAP is more than an office center; it is an entrepreneurs' community. Based on the concept of space sharing and cowork, it is a model that is being introduced in several cities across the world. With an unique dynamics and a flexible format, this concept has been boosting experience sharing, partnerships among companies and corporate growth.

Improve your productivity

LEAP aims to change the Portuguese entrepreneurship's paradigm and to contribute for the development of SME’s. It always provides the best office solution, meeting the needs of client companies, valuing and boosting networking moments.



LEAP provides a “turnkey” solution, a flexible space, directly proportional to the upsize or downsize of your company. It offers the best office solutions, at the best price, with shared services, meeting each companies’ budget, always under a cost optimization perspective.

WIN WIN Situation

  • “Turnkey” solution: the client can set up with no installation costs in its office, site or service contract;
  • LEAP is a concept that guarantees a significant saving through shared services vs an independent office located in similar area;
  • The application of additional services can increase the saving through the achieved benefits by the scale of the client companies;
  • Flexibility: flexible contract with no long term conditions;
  • Versatility: the client only pays the occupied space, according to the company’s upsize or downsize;
  • Networking: LEAP boosts a culture based upon the business development creating an environment characterized by ambition, assistance and fellowship;
  • LEAP organizes and hosts regular events, networking enablers;