LEAP Prestige is a loyalty card for clients that use our training rooms and/or auditorium. The more you use it, the more discounts you obtain!


– The card is valid for a year from the moment it is issued and it is renewable according to the client’s intention;
– Benefits starting right after the first reservation/use;
– The usage ofLEAP Prestigecard is non-transferable and the client’s identification is required to access the benefits;
– The inherent privileges are not cumulative with other LEAP‘s discounts;
– The client’s code, mentioned in the card should always be presented in reception, when reserving the room/auditorium.


– 10% off in the first reservation/usage, regardless the amount;
– Discounts between 15% and 30%, according to the amounts of the accumulated reservations.


– The subscription requires filling in the e-form;
– After receiving the data, LEAP will get in touch with the client;
– In alternative, the subscription can be done in person at the time of reservation.

For additional information, please contact us: 210 415 920 | info@leap.pt

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